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Long Term Care Facilitation

Contractor helping organize a facility

A-1 Innovators offers a suite of services geared toward facilities administrators and marketing executives and making their work weeks smoother. Most construction companies come in for a specific job, they perform it, and then they move on.

They simply don’t have the know-how or the personnel to actually run a facility for a client — whether as part of a longer term partnership or as a 30-90 day emergency relief.

This is what sets us apart as a turnkey solution for property management firms and boards of directors at retirement communities.


We offer efficiency consulting, and can work alongside your teams for 4-6 weeks of discovery to assess all aspects of the operation, offering solutions to:

  • Save your organization money
  • Improve efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary spending and delays
  • Fill in any staffing shortages with trained specialists on-demand

Emergency Services

Programs for on-call needs to handle high urgency scenarios where having the right people immediately is the key to avoiding serious disruption to operations.

Rapid response solutions like these are up to 75% more efficient if you’ve already engaged us for discovery programs beforehand.

Short Term Services

When needed, A-1 Innovators can step in and take over your operation, providing the necessary personnel to keep things seamless, safe, and within regulatory compliance.

If we’ve done discovery work with your facility prior to that point, this service is even more powerful.

Here are some examples…

A retirement community was looking to add some additional handicap parking spots. They’d started the planning process, but it wasn’t as simple as adding a new sign to an existing parking area.

Due to regulations, it would also involve adding a new egress area, conforming to floor grade requirements, and other compliance measures. In this case, it was going to push costs into six figures — as high as $350k-450k.

A clever workaround was to label the parking section, “Reserved for residents with mobility issues.”


A company suddenly lost their Certified Pool Operator (CPO), who was a second string employee, very suddenly. They knew it would likely take a month to find someone else to fill the position who has the proper certification, but the Health Department has requirements about how long a pool can go unmanaged.

If it goes too long, that creates additional fees and delays getting it going again.

Instead, that company can hire A-1 Innovators for that month for a flat fee and have a qualified professional handle it in the interim.

New deck installed in a retirement community
Park features including foot bridge and benches in a retirement community

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